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Anyone who has started a YouTube channel knows the feeling of having just a handful of views. It’s a bit depressing, and it can also hold your videos back from reaching a larger audience. To solve this problem, many users buy YouTube views.

Since buying YouTube views is a multi-million-dollar industry, you won’t have any trouble finding sellers. Not all sellers are created equal, though, and there are also scammers who either deliver low-quality views or don’t deliver, period.

We’ve tested every YouTube views provider we could find. Instead of spending hours trying to find the right one or choosing wrong and getting scammed, check out our reviews to see how the different providers measure up.

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What’s the Point of Buying YouTube Views?

No matter what your YouTube channel’s niche is, the goal is to reach more people with your content. A low number of views is a huge roadblock to that. Let’s say a user has a choice between two videos. One has 15,000 views, and the other has 15. Which one do you think they’re going to pick? Most will choose the one with more views, because it’s in our nature to associate popularity with quality.

Buying YouTube views gives your videos instant popularity and social proof. Just like a miniscule number of views can hold your videos back, several thousand views can give it just the boost it needs and encourage more people to check it out.

How Does Ordering YouTube Views Work?

The ordering process for YouTube views is fairly consistent among sellers. Once you’ve chosen your seller, you’ll need to select the number of views you want. You then provide the URL for your video and pay for the order. Sellers typically accept credit cards and PayPal. You’ll have the views within the seller’s specified delivery timeframe.

Will I Keep the YouTube Views I Buy?

quality guaranteeThis will depend on the provider you choose for your YouTube views, and it’s an area where you get what you pay for. If you go with the cheapest option you can find, you’ll probably get quite a few low-quality views that are obviously fake. YouTube has ways of determining which views are legit and which views are fake, and it can take views away when it feels they were purchased.

You’re better off paying a bit more per view and buying for a seller with high-quality views. The best sellers have real people that watch your YouTube videos, not just bots. With these views, there’s a much lower risk of losing your views. Good sellers will also guarantee a certain retention rate.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

Our goal here is to help people find the best providers of YouTube views. We use YouTube for marketing, and we know how frustrating it is to buy views and have a less-than-stellar experience. We’ve done the research and tested seller after seller to see who can deliver on their promises and who falls short.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Buying views on YouTube has its advantages and disadvantages. To make sure you're happy with your decision, here's what you need to know about the pros and cons of purchasing views.

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  • Views are an important metric on YouTube. They’re one indicator of a video’s popularity, which means videos with higher view counts will get more interest, on average. YouTube also tends to promote its more popular videos. And people will judge your brand on the number of views its video gets.

    When your videos have high view counts, people see you as an authority. With low view counts on your videos, people see you as an amateur. If you want to run any successful marketing campaigns, you need people to consider you an authority in your niche.

    By purchasing views, you’re investing in your image on YouTube. Those views you bought will result in a higher number of organic views than you would’ve gotten on your own. It gives you some clout right away and can help even a new channel compete with more established YouTubers.

  • There are some drawbacks to buying YouTube views that you should be aware of. The most significant is that you won’t be buying any real engagement. You’re building view numbers, but you’re not building an audience. Although purchasing views can help you get off the ground, your content is still the deciding factor in whether you gain a following.

    Purchasing views is a touchy subject for many YouTubers. Despite that fact that all kinds of big names and celebrities buy views, people usually don’t admit to it because there’s a stigma attached. Some see it as unfair and not in the spirit of how YouTube is supposed to work. You shouldn’t run into any reputational issues if you pick the right seller, as no one will know you’ve bought views. But if it comes out that you did, you could be facing a crisis with your reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We’ve gotten plenty of questions about buying YouTube views. Here are answers to the most common questions we hear on the subject.

Prices vary significantly from seller to seller. There are sellers offering 1,000 views for just $2 or even 5,000 views for under $5. On the more expensive end, there are sellers who charge $15 or more for 2,000 views. Just about every seller will give you a better deal on your cost per view when you buy more total views.

Watch out for the sellers with extremely low prices. Going bargain hunting can result in bot views that YouTube sniffs out within a few days, and then most or all of your purchased views will be gone. Focus on quality first.

No, YouTube isn’t going to ban your account or remove your videos because you purchased views. YouTube takes videos down for illegal content, not because the creator bought views. The worst-case scenario is that YouTube removes those views you purchased.

There are a couple reasons why YouTube doesn’t ban accounts or take down videos for purchasing views. They’d need to take down a ton of videos, many of them from very popular channels. More importantly, this would result in people using view buying as a weapon to take down their competition. Anyone could buy views for a competitor’s video to get the video taken down or get the competitor banned.

You usually only get the views, which means if you also want likes or subscriptions, you’ll need to buy those separately. This isn’t always the case, though, as some sellers include multiple services in their packages. For example, there are sellers that allow you to buy views and likes together. You could save money and time when you do so.
Each seller has its own timeframe for delivering its views. If this isn’t clear on the seller’s site, you can contact them to ask. With most sellers, delivery will occur within a few days to one week. It often takes longer when you order a large package of views. For example, a seller may deliver a package of 1,000 to 5,000 views more quickly than a package of 25,000 views.

Some sellers give you the option of spreading out the delivery. Instead of having all the views as soon as possible, you can get a certain amount every day for a week or longer.

Most people checking out YouTube videos aren’t going to even look much further than the view count. The only ways they may suspect anything are if your view count drops significantly or if your view count doesn’t mesh with other engagement metrics, such as a video that has 50,000 views and only three likes.

You can avoid the first problem by choosing a good provider that provides high-quality views and good retention. To ensure your view counts look legitimate, consider buying some likes and subscribers, as well, to keep everything in line.

Each seller has their own methods, but there are two common methods used to provide YouTube views. The low-quality method is having bots that view videos, often doing it repeatedly. The better method is assigning the task to real people who agree to watch YouTube videos for a very small fee.
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