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Whether you’ve been toiling away at your YouTube channel or you’ve just launched it, you may decide that you need to buy subscribers to take a step forward. There are many sellers of YouTube subscribers available, but if you choose the wrong one, you could end up seeing all those purchased subscribers disappear after a week or two.

The good news is we’ve done the homework on this so that you don’t need to. We tested all the biggest providers and put together detailed reviews to ensure that you get high-quality subscribers.

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3 Best Websites for Buying More Youtube Subscribers

3rd Pick - Stream in Social


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  • Slow Order Time
  • Subscribers Sometimes Get Deleted
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Best High End - CheapLikes


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Why Would I Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Competition is fierce on YouTube, and no matter your niche, there are likely thousands of other established channels that already have strong subscriber bases. When your channel doesn’t have many subscribers, it’s hard to get views and likes, because people gravitate towards the popular channels and videos.

Buying YouTube subscribers is a quick way to put yourself on a more even footing with the competition. A higher subscriber count is the perfect social proof to attract more people to your channel.

What’s the Ordering Process for YouTube Subscribers?

Ordering subscribers for your YouTube channel is a breeze when you know what to do. The first step is choosing a seller, which is where our reviews can come in handy. Next, you’ll go through the following process:

• Select the number of subscribers you wish to purchase.
•Provide the URL to your YouTube channel. This is all a legit seller will need, and it’s important that you never provide your password.
•Check out and pay for your order.

pay safely

That’s all it takes, and you’ll have your subscribers within the seller’s delivery timeframe. You can see that when you place your order. Most sellers take a couple of days to deliver your new subscribers, with longer delivery timeframes for larger orders.

Will I Keep the Subscribers I Purchase?

quality guaranteeWhen it comes to subscriber retention, the provider you choose will be the key factor. Good sellers have plenty of high-quality subscribers available that look just like the real thing. Order from one of these sellers, which are the only ones we recommend in our reviews, and you can expect to keep your subscribers.

There are also many lousy sellers out there who just want to make a quick buck. Their subscribers will likely be spam accounts that eventually get eliminated, and then your subscriber count will drop.

Make sure you check the seller’s retention policy, as a good seller will guarantee that you keep the subscribers you purchased for at least a year.

Who We Are

We’re business owners who use YouTube as one of our digital marketing techniques, and we’ve bought subscribers to help build our brands. After going through different sellers and getting mixed results, we decided to put together a guide to the good, the bad and the ugly in the YouTube subscriber marketplace. We were looking to improve our reach on YouTube, just like you, and we approach our reviews from a customer perspective.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Buying your YouTube subscribers can be great for your channel, but there are also some potential problems to consider before you jump into it.

  • happy face
  • There is quite a bit that more subscribers, even fake subscribers, can do for your YouTube channel. They will immediately give your channel more credibility with your target audience. When we’re online, sites and social media users with high follower counts are naturally perceived as more authoritative. There’s a bandwagon effect to it, as people form their own notions of something based on how popular it already is.

    If your channel doesn’t have that many subscribers, it will consistently lose out on potential viewers and subscribers to those channels that have a large following. Purchasing subscribers can jumpstart things for you, and with more subscribers, your channel is also more likely to end up promoted by YouTube.

  • The one major drawback with purchasing YouTube subscribers is the fact that they’re not real and won’t engage with your channel in any way, shape or form besides subscribing. They’re not going to spread the word about your channel or buy any of your products, and they can’t make up for real subscribers. They’re only a supplement that you can use to promote more organic growth.

    Many people frown on channels that buy YouTube subscribers and consider it unfair. If it came out that you bought subscribers, that could bring down your reputation, especially if you’re looking to become an influencer. The right strategy and seller will help you avoid getting found out.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

If you’re new to buying subscribers, you may have some questions about it. Here are the most common inquiries we get.

The amount you pay for your YouTube subscribers depends on how many you get and the seller you choose. A typical rate is about $30 for 100 subscribers or $50 for 200 subscribers, with the price per subscriber going down when you purchase a greater number of them.

Those are just approximate rates you see often, but there are plenty of sellers with cheaper or more expensive pricing. Be careful about sellers with ultra-cheap rates. These are often scammers or sellers with low-quality subscribers. Saving money only matters if you still get what you want. It doesn’t help you if you save money, but then lose most of the followers you bought a short time later.

The top sellers will deliver at least some of your subscribers within the first 48 hours. Depending on the seller and how many subscribers you purchased, you could have them all within the first couple days. If you bought 1,000 or more subscribers, it could take around a week to get them all. This works better, anyway, as you’re less likely to arouse suspicions when your subscriber count steadily increases instead of all at once.
You have nothing to worry about when it comes to YouTube punishing you for buying subscribers. The number of users buying subscribers, from small business owners to bigtime celebrities, is higher than you might think. YouTube doesn’t want to ban a bunch of users just because they bought subscribers.

The accounts YouTube goes after are the low-quality, spam accounts. Now, that could include your purchased subscribers if you go with a bad seller, but your account won’t get banned for that.

When you go with a good seller, there’s very little chance anyone could tell that you purchased subscribers. The subscribers these sellers have are setup to mimic real accounts, and they don’t have any signs that they’re fake. Even if someone was to look at your subscribers instead of just how many you had, they wouldn’t be able to tell that you bought fake subscribers.

It’s possible people will notice if you have a high subscriber count, but your videos hardly get any views or comments. That’s a preventable issue, though, as you can manage everything to make sure none of the numbers get out of whack. There’s also the option of buying views and comments to go with those new subscribers.

It’s all about the quality of the seller’s subscribers. To know if you’ll be getting good subscribers, verify that the seller offers a retention guarantee. This ensures that you’ll have the subscribers you buy for a certain period of time. One-year guarantees are common among reputable sellers. The seller will then get you more subscribers if you lose any that you purchased during that first year. Avoid any sellers that won’t provide a guarantee for their service.
With most YouTube subscriber packages, you’re only buying the subscribers, not any views. That’s why you should keep some room in your budget to purchase views, as well. Your channel will look much more legitimate when you have an appropriate ratio of views to subscribers.
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