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There are plenty of common questions about buying Twitter followers, from how it works to potential issues involved. We’ve gone over the questions we see most below. If you need anything else answered, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Questions About Buying Followers

We have many factors we consider when evaluating a provider of Twitter followers. What we find most important is the quality of the fake followers, but we also take into account how reliable providers are, what kind of customer support they offer, if they have retention guarantees and how affordable they are for their services.
The only times you would lose purchased followers is either if the accounts unfollowed you or if Twitter banned the accounts. Both are very unlikely if you pick the right provider.

Good providers won’t scam you by unfollowing you later, and they’ll have high-quality accounts that Twitter doesn’t identify as fake. Our recommended providers all offer retention guarantees, which means they replace any followers you lose. If you decide to go with a provider that’s not on our list, check that they have the same guarantee.

You can’t through any of the providers we’ve reviewed. All these companies offer fake followers with varying degrees of quality. To our knowledge, there isn’t a company out there that connects you with real people who you can pay to follow you. That would get expensive, and it wouldn’t offer any advantage over buying good fake followers.
When you buy followers, you’re doing it for the social proof you’ll get from having a higher follower count. Twitter is in some ways a popularity contest. When you have many followers and a good follower-to-following ratio, it improves your image. You’ll look like an authority figure, which means you’re more likely to have people follow you and check out any marketing campaigns you run.
This depends on the method of the provider you choose. The one we recommend is company managed followers. The provider manages a large roster of fake Twitter accounts and uses these accounts to follow people. The better providers will have high-quality fakes.

The second method, which we advise against, is following first. You give control of your account to a company, and then they follow users that fit your niche. You could do this yourself, but it’s obviously far less time-consuming to outsource it. Regardless, it has some drawbacks that make it a poor choice. It’s much slower, it requires you to hand over control of your account and it doesn’t improve your follower-to-following ratio at all.

You don’t need to worry about Twitter banning you for buying followers, as there’s no proof that you even bought the followers. At worst, you could lose fake followers that Twitter bans, but this won’t be a problem if you chose a good provider.

If you opt for the follow-first method, then there is the risk of the company going rogue with your account. Twitter could also ban your account because you gave out your password.

Questions About Buying Retweets and Likes

Just like with followers, retweets and likes boost your perceived popularity. They keep your tweets towards the top of people’s feeds, earning you more exposure. And if you’re buying Twitter followers, it’s a good idea to get some retweets and likes, too, for image maintenance. It looks sketchy when you have thousands of followers and barely any retweets or likes.
Many companies that sell Twitter followers will also sell retweets and likes, because it’s another moneymaker for them. Several sellers we recommend here can also provide retweets and likes. If you decide to go with someone else, read up on them first so that you don’t get scammed.
Once you’ve picked a provider, you can decide how many retweets and likes you want. Click on that package, and then enter the URL for the tweet where you want the retweets and likes to go. Some sellers give you the option of distributing retweets and likes throughout multiple tweets. After you pay and complete the checkout process, you’re done.
If you choose a high-quality seller, you can expect those retweets and likes to come from real users that the seller contracts, which is great news for you. Other sellers will use fake accounts, and quality can vary widely on these. Good sellers will at least use accounts that look legit, but bad sellers will use bot accounts that look as fake as they are.
When you go with a good provider that makes their retweets and likes look authentic, you’re not at any risk. These providers make sure to deliver your order over a series of days to add to the realism.

A bad provider that retweets your tweet thousands of times in a matter of seconds will certainly create some red flags. Twitter may simply get rid of any retweets and likes that it deems to be spam, or it could even send you packing. The lesson here is don’t use bad providers.

Questions About Automatic Retweets and Likes

Auto retweets and auto likes kick in every time you tweet something new. You pay the provider a monthly service fee for as long as you want this to run.
The only differences are in the setup process and how you pay for them. With auto retweets and likes, you just need to pay the monthly fee and provide your Twitter handle. With standard retweets and likes, you need to choose how many you want, enter the tweet’s URL and make a payment every time.

The way the retweets and likes look is the same, and they’ll come from the same type of accounts. If you choose a quality provider, you’ll get real or real-looking retweets and likes. If you choose a bad provider, you’ll get obviously fake retweets and likes, whether they’re automatic or not.

This is all about simplifying your marketing on Twitter. Instead of spending time making a purchase every time you want to get more retweets and likes, you can pay a monthly fee and automate it. You get the same result and save time in the process. If you plan to buy retweets and followers for a long time, it’s a good idea to set this up.

General Questions

If you’re smart about it and you choose good providers, people won’t notice anything. The right provider will make sure that everything looks normal, and there won’t be any signs that you bought your followers, retweets or likes.

There are a couple things that make it blatantly obvious you’ve artificially inflated your numbers, though. Thousands of low-quality followers with eggs as profile pictures will stick out like a sore thumb, hence why you should stick to good providers.

You also don’t want to have huge numbers in one area, but low numbers elsewhere. For example, if you have 20,000 followers and never get any retweets, people can tell you bought those followers. That’s why we advise buying a mix of everything.

For followers, you can get 1,000 of decent quality for anywhere from $6 to $10. If you want high-quality followers, expect to spend at least $15 for 1,000.

For retweets and likes, you can typically get 100 for $10 or less. If you want auto retweets and likes, there are plans available for under $40 per month.

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