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For those in the music industry, including artists who are just starting out and established names, SoundCloud is the place to be. Putting your music on SoundCloud can bring all kinds of attention from fans, agents, managers and more.

You won’t get very far without likes, though. Since it can be challenging to build up enough likes to get noticed, there are plenty of companies that allow you to buy SoundCloud likes. We’ve put all the most popular sellers to the test to see who can really help you grow.

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3 Best Websites for Buying More SoundCloud Likes

3rd Pick - Stream in Social


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  • High Quality Accounts
  • Slow Order Time
  • Followers Sometimes Get Deleted
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Best High End - CheapLikes


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Why Would Someone Purchase Likes on SoundCloud?

Likes are a big part of how many people listen to your songs, but getting people to like and listen is difficult, especially when you don’t have a solid supporter yet. It often becomes a “rich get richer, poor get poorer” situation where the popular artists collect tons of likes, many off reputation alone, and the artists without a following struggle to get any.

When you buy SoundCloud likes, you’re spending a little money to create the illusion of popularity. This is often all it takes for listeners to give your songs a chance. There’s a reason even famous artists have done this. Once people think something is popular, they’re automatically more interested in it.

How Do I Order My SoundCloud Likes?

pay safelyMost of the SoundCloud likes sellers use the same general ordering process. Once you’ve found a seller, you’ll need to choose a package with the number of likes you want. Then, you just give them the URL to your track and go through the checkout process to provide your payment info.

Make sure to check the seller’s delivery timeframe if you need the likes within a certain time period.

Will I Keep the Likes I Buy?

quality guaranteeLikes obviously won’t do you much good if they’re gone within a couple weeks. We’ve found that this is an area where it all depends on your likes provider.

The top sellers, including all the ones we recommend here, will get you high-quality likes that look 100-percent legit. This means you’ll retain most or all the likes you purchase. The low-quality sellers and scam artists will get you likes of a dubious quality, and those are far more likely to get removed by SoundCloud at some point.

Your best bet is to stick with our recommended sellers to ensure you keep your likes. Be careful if you try any other sellers, and make sure you see what their retention policy is.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We’re a team of digital marketers, and we’ve helped many clients improve their SoundCloud accounts. During that time, we used SoundCloud likes services and decided to test them all to see which ones worked the best. We evaluated different sellers based on all the same factors any artist would, including prices, quality of the likes and the retention rate.

If you’re looking to purchase SoundCloud likes, why spend your valuable time sorting through different providers? We’ve already done that, and you can use our research to make your choice.

Benefits and Drawbacks

We'd by lying if we said there weren't any potential issues with purchasing SoundCloud likes. The practice has plenty of benefits, but there are also downsides you should keep in mind.

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  • The best way to build yourself up as an artist on SoundCloud is to prove that people like your music, and likes are one of the best ways to do that. The struggle for most artists is finding people to like their songs. You may be able to blast your songs out across social media and get some likes from the people you already know, but unless you have a huge personal network, this strategy has its limits.

    Buying likes allows you to immediately boost your profile and improve your reputation. To anyone clicking through the site, you’ll be on the same level as established artists that have tons of likes on their songs. People will be more likely to check out your tracks, and if they like what they hear, you could score some organic likes or subscribers.

    There are always people in the music industry checking SoundCloud for good new talent, and you can bet that they consider likes when evaluating an artist. Buying likes can help you get on their radar and may give you an opportunity at furthering your music career.

  • The main drawback with buying SoundCloud likes is that those likes aren’t legitimate. You haven’t built any real engagement through them, and they’re only a promotional tactic. You still need to put in the work yourself to build a following.

    Despite how many artists buy SoundCloud likes, it is frowned upon and can result in image issues if someone discovers that you bought likes. That’s highly unlikely to happen if you go with a quality seller, but it’s still something to be aware of.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

It’s understandable to have some questions about buying SoundCloud likes before you commit to anything. We’ve provided answers to some of the most frequent inquiries below, and you can contact us directly if you want to know anything else.

This is one area where there can be a big difference depending on your choice in provider. Some sellers can get you 500 likes for $15 or less, but with others, that many likes could cost two or three times as much.

One thing all sellers have in common is that they cut you a better deal when you buy more likes. If you end up ordering in bulk, see if you can spread the likes out among your tracks. Not every seller lets you do this, but some will.

Be careful about those bargain basement sellers that are much cheaper than everyone else. Odds are, you’ll be getting low-quality likes that may not last very long.

SoundCloud has the leeway to remove your tracks or account at its discretion, but the odds of it doing so because you bought some likes are extremely low. In all our tests, we never had any issues or suffered penalties.

Just think about the effect this would have on SoundCloud if it were to do this. It would be shutting down many of its users, and not just smaller artists. Plenty of fan favorites would be gone, too. And it would give anyone an easy way to take down rival artists. All they would need to do is buy likes for an artist they wanted to get rid of and let SoundCloud do the rest.

There’s no way for a SoundCloud user to tell whether you purchased likes or got them all organically. That being said, they could figure it out if you end up with an unrealistic number of likes compared to the other performance metrics on your account.

Let’s say you buy 1,000 SoundCloud likes for your latest track. If the song doesn’t even have that many plays or has zero comments, it doesn’t take a detective to figure out that something isn’t right. Get some plays, comments and subscribers to make sure everything on your account passes the eye test.

For your standard package of likes, that’s all you’ll be getting, which means you need to make additional orders for anything else you want. There are some sellers that offer packages combining likes, comments, plays and reposts, allowing you to get it all in one go.
There isn’t one single method that all sellers use to get artists more likes. Many sellers have bots they use to automatically like songs. These tend to be riskier and more likely to get found out by SoundCloud. Other sellers outsource the task to real people who like your track, typically for a minor fee.
Most reputable sellers list their delivery timeframes on their sites. If you don’t see that, you can get in touch with them to check. You will typically see at least some of your likes come in over the first day or two. Larger orders can take longer to reach completion.
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