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So, you’ve decided to give your SoundCloud downloads a boost by buying some. Whether you’re looking for a few hundred, thousand or even more, it’s important to choose a quality service and avoid the many scams that are out there.

That’s where we come in. We’ve tested all the most popular services for buying SoundCloud downloads and can help you find one that fits what you’re looking for.

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3 Best Websites for Buying More SoundCloud Downloads

3rd Pick - Stream in Social


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  • Slow Order Time
  • Followers Sometimes Get Deleted
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Best High End - CheapLikes


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Why Would an Artist Buy SoundCloud Downloads?

The simple answer here is that downloads are one measure of your song’s popularity on SoundCloud, and more downloads make your song look more popular. That increased popularity can help your song reach a larger audience. Not only do songs with more downloads receive more of a promotional push, but they also pull in more listeners.

Given the option of listening to a song with 10 downloads or a song with 10,000, most people choose the latter, believing that if so many listeners have downloaded it, then it must be good. Buying downloads can get you past that difficult initial stage when your song doesn’t have much social proof.

How Do You Purchase SoundCloud Downloads?

All you need to do is select a good provider, figure out how many downloads you want, give them your song’s URL and proceed through the checkout process. Your login info isn’t necessary for this, and you should avoid any providers that ask for it. As far as payment is concerned, you can typically use credit cards or PayPal.

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Although every provider has its own method for providing those downloads, the best will pay real, active SoundCloud users a small amount to download your track. Turnaround times are usually a few days, with larger orders also having longer turnaround times.

Can the Downloads You Buy Go Away?

quality guaranteeThe only way you lose downloads on your SoundCloud songs is when the site determines that some or all your downloads were done by fake accounts. The quality of the provider you choose will determine how likely this is.

With good providers that have active users download your song, you should keep most or all your downloads. You can also check to see what the provider guarantees, as reputable providers offer to either get you more downloads or refund you if you lose the ones you bought from them.

Buying SoundCloud Downloads: Advantages and Disadvantages

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  • The option to buy SoundCloud downloads lets you compete with the big boys. As an artist, your first focus is on your music, but the problem is that great songs alone aren’t enough. Recording equipment is cheaper than ever, there are artists all over the world setting up studios in their bedrooms and SoundCloud is saturated with songs. If your plan is “upload it and they will come,” you have a long road ahead.
  • You need to be smart about how many downloads you buy to avoid tipping anyone off that some of those downloads aren’t legit. Even though buying downloads is a very common practice that even the biggest artists use, your reputation can still suffer if you’re found out. People will immediately think that you’re buying downloads because your music isn’t good enough.
  • Let’s say you buy some downloads, ideally combining them with plays and likes to boost all your engagement numbers. Now, you don’t just look like another artist trying to build a following. You look like an artist with fans. This creates a domino effect where more people want to check out your music, potentially including recording industry scouts.
  • It’s also important that you don’t become overly reliant on buying downloads. You still need to promote your SoundCloud and make great songs, because the downloads you buy don’t constitute real engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

People can get a bit paranoid about this, but if you stop and think about it, you’ll see that you don’t have much to worry about. It’s not like when you’re listening to music that you closely inspect that artist’s download count. You generally just assume their downloads are real.

You’ll get the same benefit of the doubt from people, provided you keep your download count realistic. If a song has nearly as many downloads as it has plays, then the artist clearly bought downloads. The same is true if all an artist’s songs have about the same number of downloads.

You’re not risking your SoundCloud account or even your song by purchasing downloads. Remember, there’s no evidence that you bought downloads. If SoundCloud deletes some spam accounts that downloaded your song, the download count will drop, but the site won’t go after you for it.

Let’s say SoundCloud took down songs with too many spam downloads. Anyone that wanted to damage another artist could simply buy downloads for that artist’s song and let SoundCloud do the rest.

SoundCloud downloads are fairly cheap, and you get a better deal the more of them you buy at once. Many of the high-quality providers we’ve tested will sell you 1,000 downloads for about $7. If you want more, there are some with 10,000 downloads available for under $20.

Make sure you check our reviews and rankings first to check that you’ll be getting quality downloads and not downloads that you lose in a week. If you’re considering a provider that’s not on our list, we recommend doing some research on your own to vet them.

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