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SoundCloud is the best place for artists, especially up and comers, to get their latest songs out to the masses. The hard part is getting enough plays to where people want to listen to your songs, but you can get around that issue by buying SoundCloud plays.

There’s no shortage of providers available who claim they can get you high-quality plays, but if you choose wrong, you could get ripped off. We’ve been there and know how frustrating it is, which is why we’ve conducted tests on all the big sellers of SoundCloud plays. You can use our reviews to see who’s really worth your money, and learn more about the business of buying plays.

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3 Best Websites for Buying More Real SoundCloud Plays

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What’s the Point of Buying SoundCloud Plays?

If you’re trying to make it in the music industry, you’re facing some stiff competition. There are plenty of artists releasing music, and that means listeners have all kinds of choices in the search for new music. Plays are a big factor in which tracks people check out and which ones they skip.

The harsh reality of SoundCloud is that without at least a few thousand plays, almost everyone is going to skip your track and go for something more popular. That’s standard operating procedure for people. We look for things that have at least some popularity, because we associate that with quality.

So, you can work hard on your tracks and watch the plays stall after you let all your contacts know about them. Or you can buy SoundCloud plays, build that social proof and get more organic plays as a result.

What’s the Process for Ordering SoundCloud Plays?

First, you find the seller that you want to go with. Our reviews can help you with that. Then you can choose from their packages, which will each have a certain amount of plays. Once you’ve found the package you want, you just need to give the seller the URL to your song and pay them.

pay safely

No legit seller will ever ask for your password, as only scam artists do this. After payment, you’ll have the plays within the seller’s standard timeframe for deliveries.

Do I Keep My Purchased SoundCloud Plays?

quality guaranteeThe last thing anyone wants is to spend hard-earned money on several thousand SoundCloud plays, only to log in a couple weeks later and see that they’re all gone. You’ll be fine if you go with one of our recommended sellers and buy real SoundCloud plays.

If you decide to go with someone else, make sure you check them out first to verify that they’re worthwhile. SoundCloud does its best to crack down on bots that auto-play songs, and if you choose a seller that uses these, you could lose your plays later. It’s all about the quality of the plays you buy. A great deal won’t be so great if you don’t keep the plays.

Why Should You Trust Us?

We’ve been in the online marketing business for a long time, and we’ve helped many clients build their SoundCloud accounts from nothing to the point where they have a strong base of followers. To kickstart their careers, we used sellers of SoundCloud plays, and we got to see the good and the bad. That’s why we decided to put this knowledge to use and create a guide to buying real SoundCloud plays, along with reviews for the many sellers we’ve tried.

Benefits and Drawbacks

There are advantages to purchasing plays on SoundCloud, but like anything, it has some downsides. Here's a breakdown of the reasons for and against buying plays to decide if you want to go through with it.

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  • When you buy real SoundCloud plays, you’re making an investment in that song. Instead of needing to build that song up from the bottom, which is extremely difficult, you can spend a little money to make it look popular already.

    Once people see that your song has a good play count, they’re more likely to give it a listen than if it was at under 100 plays. If you don’t buy any plays for a new song, it may never take off. Even if it does, it will probably be a long, arduous process. Buying plays can lead to more people organically finding your song, and after that, it’s all a matter of whether they like it or not.

    Plays are also something that those in the music industry will look for when they’re scouting artists on SoundCloud. No one buys their way into a record deal, but those plays you purchased could be one factor that has a scout listening to your song.

  • Buying SoundCloud plays is one of those things that tons of artists do, but just about nobody talks about. There’s a negative perception about buying plays, and that’s why you should do it correctly so that nobody knows you did it. If people find out, your reputation could take a hit.

    Even though you can use buying plays as a tool, it can’t be your only strategy. In most cases, you’re not getting any real engagement from potential fans when you buy plays. You still need to put in the work and focus on other ways to market your music.

    Scams are rampant in this marketplace. Do your homework on any seller you’re considering to avoid losing your money on a bad deal.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Curious about any part of buying real SoundCloud plays? We’ve probably got an answer for you here, and if not, drop us a line.

The cost of your SoundCloud plays will depend on who you buy from and how many plays you purchase.

Sellers all set their own prices, but we’ve found that there are good sellers offering 1,000 plays with prices ranging from $2 to $5. We’d advise against going any lower than that, because you’re likely to get a bunch of bot plays that SoundCloud could erase.

You won’t need to pay as much for each play when you buy more of them. Sellers reward bulk buyers with better rates. Some will let you split plays among multiple songs, which is a smart way to get the lower rate without overloading one song with all those plays.

Can they? Yes. Will they? It’s highly unlikely. SoundCloud focuses on getting rid of bots and spam. Its goal isn’t to ban actual users or remove songs. For one, it would be a huge time commitment because of the sheer number of users who buy plays.

It would also open a can of worms by going after artists with fake plays, because what if the artist who received the plays isn’t the person who paid for them? Buying plays for other artists would become the easiest way to take someone down.

That depends on the package you choose. Certain sellers keep everything separate, which means you need to place individual orders for all those items. Other sellers give you extra options regarding your order. They may throw in random likes and reposts free of charge, but you’ll also have the opportunity to spend more and get those extras.
There isn’t going to be some big flashing sign that says you bought plays. To anyone who looks at your songs, there’s no telling the difference between plays you purchased and plays you didn’t.

Now, an astute listener could notice if there are any of the common signs of purchased plays. For example, if all your tracks have very similar play counts or if they have tons of plays without many likes, people will figure that you bought plays. Just don’t leave any obvious signs like those and you won’t have this problem.

We’re not going to say it’s necessary to buy plays if you want to succeed. You could get your music out there completely organically. Buying plays can be a big help, though, and many other artists will be doing it. That includes both the artists who have just started and those who are already established. Do a search and you’ll find out about many famous musicians who bought plays.

It’s up to you if you want to buy plays or go at it alone, but it gives your songs a boost without costing you much.

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