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It’s not always easy to get your Instagram off the ground and build a good following. One obstacle that stops many users in the early going is gaining that initial social proof. If hardly anyone is liking your posts, the typical user won’t feel the need to like your posts, leave a comment or follow you.

Buying Instagram likes is the simplest way to take a step forward in terms of popularity, but if you don’t choose the right seller, you could fall for a scam. We’ve put all the top sellers to use to see which are worth it and which you should avoid.

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Why Should I Buy Instagram Likes?

When you’re posting pics and videos on Instagram, you’ll often run into a catch-22 where you can’t build anything without likes, but you need to already have likes to get more.

Instagram users typically base their liking decisions on two things – the popularity of the poster and social signals. The latter refers to any sign of a post’s popularity, such as many likes or comments. This means you’re in for a tough time starting from scratch, unless you’re related to a Kardashian.

You can solve this problem by buying Instagram likes for a boost in your perceived popularity. Those likes provide the social signals that entice users to view your posts, like them and follow you. Your popularity grows, and those artificial likes are leading to real organic growth.

How Does Ordering Likes on Instagram Work?

While the exact process can be a bit different for each provider, most follow the same basic steps. Here’s what you can expect after you’ve decided on a seller:

•You’ll choose your package, which is the number of likes and the price.
• You need to enter your username, and then select the pics or videos where you want the likes to go. With certain sellers, you can distribute likes among different posts.
• Pay for your likes and you’ll have them shortly.

pay safely

No matter what, never give out your password. Reputable sellers won’t ask for this, because it’s unnecessary. If you read our reviews and stick to our recommended sellers, you won’t run into this at all.


Who We Are

If you’re wondering why you should trust us and our reviews, the reason is that we look for the same things as you. We use Instagram for marketing and brand building, and we base our reviews on whether companies can deliver legit likes from high-quality accounts, not blatant spambots. We’ve tried hundreds of providers and purchased a ridiculous number of likes to find out which companies are the best of the best.

Benefits on Buying Likes

More likes on your Instagram posts makes everything easier for you. That number of likes affects how people perceive you and your post. With more likes, more people will check out the post, because Instagram promotes popular posts and because people are naturally drawn to things that appear popular.

Need proof? Just think about any fashion trend that caught on. It’s not like everyone in the 80s suddenly loved bright clothing. Some people did, and others followed along because they didn’t want to be left out.

When your post has likes, people start perceiving you as an authority figure. It builds your reputation, and can be a huge help with any marketing campaigns you launch.

The Potential Downsides

We’ve covered the good, and now it’s only fair that we tell you the possible issues with buying likes. It’s a bit controversial, and if people figure out that you’ve bought likes, it may affect your reputation. Fortunately, if you’re smart about it, no one will be the wiser. We cover this more further below.

Although these artificial likes work well for a quick boost, they’re no substitute for the real thing. Use them to grow your Instagram, but don’t rely on them. The goal is to gain new followers and stimulate engagement through the likes you buy.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We get plenty of questions about buying Instagram likes. Here are the most popular, along with their answers.

Each company has its own packages available at different price points. You can get started with 100 likes for only a few dollars, and some providers offer 1,000 likes for $10.

You pay less for each like when you purchase larger packages. To get the most bang for your buck without overloading one post with likes, look for sellers that let you allocate likes among multiple posts. You can get a deal from buying in bulk, while also sharing the love and keeping the likes balanced across your posts.

Absolutely not. There’s really no way for Instagram to know whether your likes are organic or paid for, and users who buy likes aren’t a focus, anyway. Instagram goes after spam accounts and gets rid of them, but it doesn’t ban real users.

The number of users who buy Instagram likes would probably surprise you, and it’s not just people starting out. Even bigtime celebrities do it. Instagram has no interest in eliminating a good chunk of its users just because they bought likes at some point.

There are telltale signs that a user bought likes, but these are entirely avoidable if you’re smart about it. The most common indicator is likes from low-quality accounts, such as spam accounts. Choose a seller known for high-quality accounts and all your likes will look real.

People may also get suspicious if the number of likes on certain posts doesn’t fit with the rest of your account. For example, if you have some posts with thousands of likes, and others with hardly any, it looks suspect. The same is true if you have hundreds of followers, but thousands of likes. Spread the likes around and keep your follower count in mind so that your account passes the eye test.

Many sellers offer instant delivery, which means you’ll have those likes as soon as you submit the order. Others may take five, 10 or 20 minutes. The number of likes you ordered can factor in to your delivery timeframe. It’s rare for likes to take more than an hour, though.
This comes back to the quality of the seller. The only way you would lose your likes is if Instagram deletes any of the accounts that liked your post. With a good seller that has high-quality accounts at its disposal, this won’t be a problem. They’re good at managing those accounts, and they don’t suffer the frequent account losses that the low-quality companies do.

Many of the best sellers will offer moneyback guarantees and refund you if you lose your likes. The sellers with guarantees will advertise this, and you can see which ones do on our reviews. They may also explain what happens for lost likes in their retention policies.

The most important factors in any seller are the quality of their follower accounts and their retention policies. Sellers are often willing to either show you sample accounts of theirs or provide some free likes to see what they have to offer. Look for sellers with accounts that look completely real and don’t have any signs of being fake, such as incoherent usernames.

If a seller won’t guarantee you’ll retain the likes you purchase, you may want to go elsewhere. A good seller stands behind the quality of their product.

Don’t forget to check for any extra features you want with your likes package. You could look for one that lets you divide likes among different posts or that includes video views in their likes packages, which is an easy way to save some money.

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