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When you’re trying to promote yourself or your brand on Facebook, you need your posts to get plenty of likes. But that’s often easier said than done, which is where buying Facebook post likes comes in. For a small fee, you can get 100 post likes or more on any of your posts.

Unfortunately, there are many scam sites and low-quality sellers out there. That’s why we’ve tried all the most popular sellers to put together reviews and help you choose the right one.

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3 Best Websites for Buying More Facebook Post Likes

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What’s the Point of Purchasing Facebook Post Likes?

If you’re trying to develop a Facebook page to assist with your digital marketing efforts, then the number of likes your posts have is very important. When other users see that your post has dozens or hundreds of likes, they’ll assume that you’re a respected authority within your industry. People only have so much time to browse their social media feeds, and if they have a choice between taking a closer look at a post with 100 likes or a post with three likes, it’s obvious which will catch their interest better.

Buying Facebook post likes is your way of ensuring that your posts have enough likes to get people’s attention. By pumping up your likes, you can attract more people to see what you’re posting.

How Do You Buy Facebook Post Likes?

First, you’ll need to find a provider. There are plenty out there, but as you may expect, there are also quite a few scam artists in this industry. If you stick to our recommendations, you’ll be fine and you’ll get high-quality likes.

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Next, you select a package, which is the number of likes you’re buying. Enter the URL for the post or posts if you’re applying the likes to multiple posts of yours. The final step is paying the provider. There’s no need to enter your login info, and if a provider asks for that, you should leave the site, because they’re not trustworthy.

Will You Lose the Facebook Likes Later?

quality guaranteeThis depends on your provider. Each provider has its own roster of fake accounts to like posts. Good providers have fake accounts that you really can’t tell from the real thing. Facebook usually won’t detect these accounts, meaning they won’t get deleted and you’ll keep your likes. Look for providers that have a guaranteed retention rate to be sure.

Bad providers have spam accounts that wouldn’t fool a 4-year-old. Facebook will eventually delete these spam accounts, and at that point, you’ll lose your likes, meaning it’s better to invest in likes from a good provider.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Facebook Post Likes Comments

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  • One of the hardest things about building a page on Facebook from the ground up is that initial stage when you can barely get any likes outside of your closest friends and family. When you don’t have many likes, it’s difficult to get people interested in what you have to say.
  • There aren’t any major issues with buying Facebook post likes, but there are potential drawbacks to be aware of. You could get scammed or pay for low-quality likes if you aren’t careful, but we make it easy to avoid this with our reviews and rankings of providers.
  • Buying likes for your Facebook posts is a simple, effective way to generate interest for your posts. Social proof is a legitimate psychological concept. When something appears popular, people are more interested in it and hold a higher opinion of it. You’re paying for this social proof when you buy likes.
  • It’s also important to keep things in perspective. The likes you buy aren’t real and don’t come from people interested in what you’re posting, which means their sole benefit is boosting your like count to attract others. You can’t rely entirely on buying Facebook likes, as it’s just one tool to use in building your page.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Choose a good provider and your likes will come from accounts that look real. Bad providers, on the other hand, can make it obvious that the likes are fake because those likes are originating from obviously fake accounts.

The other consideration here is how many likes you buy and how you boost the numbers for your Facebook account. Buying 1,000 likes for one post when all your other posts have gotten under 10 likes will look suspicious, as would a post with thousands of likes but zero comments. Make sure you keep it realistic, and think about buying some comments, too.

Although Facebook has the latitude to do whatever it wants to accounts, in reality, this isn’t something you need to worry about. Facebook doesn’t want to delete real users, even those who buy likes. It would need to delete many of its users, because this is such as common practice. Another issue is that if someone was feeling devious and wanted to get rid of their competition or just a user they didn’t like, they could buy likes for that person so that Facebook would delete the account.

We realize that it can be nerve-wracking when you’re first buying likes, but Facebook isn’t going to delete your account. There’s not even proof that you’re the one who bought the likes.

Facebook likes are one area where the cost can be quite different from provider to provider. There are providers selling packages of 100 likes for $25, and there are also providers selling that amount for under $5. You get what you pay for to an extent, although some inexpensive providers deliver a quality product.

Every provider gives you a lower rate per like when you buy more, and some will let you send your likes to multiple posts.

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